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Talent Keys is known for its end-to-end business value proposition to its clients. Our core strength focuses in four areas i.e. consulting, training & education , talent management and digital solutions. We customise our solutions to suit our clients needs and strategies. We are dedicated to improve organisations performance vis-à-vis people quality and Key Performance Indicators. Our Subject Matter Experts are committed to design, develop and deliver the solutions personally to our clients.

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Our Mission

We want to be an integral part of our clients by providing innovative business solutions and building people capabilities, which leads to positive results for key stakeholders, while inspiring and growing people.

Our Vision

To be the premier solution provider for company’s clients the edge business growth in the Asia Pacific region

Our Values

We uphold our value-based tag line “Creating Business Space” Our emphasis is on growing the organisation, its business fulfillment and human potential with the ultimate aim of enriching their lives.

Our Client Charter

Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of quality solutions, backed by technology and stringent development protocol. We have the most appropriate personal with relevant expertise, industry experience and qualifications. Our techniques are time-tested and results-proven.

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G-Elite Edu-Tech

COMEPP Philippines

Ko-op Pesara Pesara Malaysia

Pall Thai Trading

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Talent Keys consists of a team of qualified and industry practitioners. Our training programmes have evolved in tandem with the industries.

Meet Our Malaysian Team

Prof. Wan Manan , Dr. Mazlan , Dr. Rama , Tn. Hj. Ahmad K , Mr. Pakea NC , En. Fadzli , En. Hamidon AB , Mr Stephen ,
Ms Premmeeta , Mr Gopal , Mr Bahani , Mr Phaba , Mr Albert , Mr Gerald , Mr. Ashok , Mr. Chris Yap , Mr. Michael M , Mr NagarajanS ,
En. Zaharin , Mr. Anthony Ang , Mr. Denzel Ng , Ms. Kalpana , Mr. Loga, , Mr. Gopal , Mr. Wong , Mr SK Samy , En. Saif A , Tn. Syed Ali

Meet Our Philippines Team

Mr Pakea NC, Mr Jun Macas, Ms Nica Estores, Mr Gil Bosita, Mr Rey Napay, Mr Azlan Nasir, Mr Manny Gigantone, Mr Frances, Mr Joel

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